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Landscape Lighting Experts-Hardscape Contractors of Jupiter

If you are looking into having your landscape lighting installed, here are some tips to help you with design considerations. When playing around with your lighting, you must identify the focal point. Where would the attention of the viewer be? What would give the best shadow effect? You may also want to take the surrounding light into consideration. For example, if there are street lights nearby, then your landscape lights would most likely be ineffective in this case. Remember to light objects and not an empty space as they are ineffective unless it hits a surface.

When designing your landscape lighting, do note that you should never over-light. Lights can give off a nice effect if placed right, however, if you have every single thing lighted up then it really defeats the purpose. There would be no difference between how your landscape looks during the day, and night (if lights are lit everywhere).

Unsure of whether you can handle the entire project by yourself? Maybe you aren’t so keen on your designing skills or decision-making skills? This is exactly why we are extending our services to you! Introducing, Jupiter Elite Hardscape Team. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are capable of support you with your landscaping needs. Communicate to us your ideas or visions of how you would like your landscape to turn out. Also, include your budget allocation for this project. Then, our team will get cracking on some design proposals for you to choose from. 

Before you decide, we will also explain to you the reasoning behind the concept of each design. If there are no designs which meet your expectation, let us know and we will have our designs refined accordingly. Take your pick on which landscape design to bring to life in your very own yard! Once a design has been confirmed by you, we will immediately dive into your landscape project.