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Stonescaping-Hardscape Contractors of Jupiter

One of the greatest things about hardscaping is the possibility of using stones for just about anything. This includes fountains, streams, waterfalls, pool decks, and retaining walls that experts offer to help with more than regular water drainage and soil retention. This allows you to design a space that makes a real difference and bring a different look that is out of the regular ‘softscape’ of plants and flowers. However, if you are considering working with stonescaping and want to give the entire stone and hardscape feature, you will need qualified and skilled contractors for it. Our team at Jupiter Elite Hardscape Team allows you to have any type of design and feature in your outdoor living space. We are capable of this as our contractors have over ten years of experience in the industry.

No matter how small or large your space is, any one of our members can help you create functional and beautiful designs. We use only the best materials, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking down later or worrying about maintenance and repairs that are never cheap but rather costly. 

We care about finding the best stones available. In the end, we consider their affordability and how they will be delivered to you. This allows you to focus on the design, not on the price, depending on your concerns and budget.

For custom-designed projects, you can use stonescaping, and it will be one of the best options as it allows you to have a unique feature that will be made for your specific space. If you have the funds and want your features to be based on it, we recommend it and will work hard to deliver the best result and desired design.

We can help you choose the right stones for your outdoor kitchen, firepit, deck, or other water features. We want to make sure that the design does not harm the environment and that it is affordable for you in every aspect.

You can create a totally new look by using stone scape or focusing on the entire scope of the hardscape. It will last longer and require less maintenance.

You Can Consider Stonescaping for a Small or Large Project

Regardless of what people say, stones always shine in any type of feature and design as long as they are properly installed and the type of stone chosen goes well with the entire landscape and space where they are installed and placed. You will be able to create a completely different design than the others and stand out either with your residential or commercial space.

Certain stones can also be used to create new surfaces or designs that can be driven on. It is important to work with experienced contractors and choose stonescaping accordingly if you need and want to work around the design this type of landscaping offers.

It takes experience and skills, but if you focus on the design and available options, you can use this same mindset to create driveways and walkways.

Jupiter Elite Hardscape Team has a wide range of specialists that can be assigned to you depending on what your requirements are or how the design progresses. We are experts in stonescaping, and we can perform it for walls, firepits, walkways, and pathways, as well as for regular surfaces and pool decks.

We want everyone to enjoy the final result. To give stones a beautiful appearance and to prevent accidents and damage, they must be correctly placed and installed, which is exactly what we do for you.

We can assist you with the outdoor stones cape. Since this is a task best left to professionals, we don’t work with retaining wall construction. They are highly skilled and can add or modify small walls to specific spaces, as we can refer to some specialists. The service whatsoever must be requested in advance, and we will let you know if they are available to add their expertise to your project.

Stone scape is also great for water features. They can be made from any type of stone and are very easy to maintain. These stones are beautiful and have a unique design that enhances the outdoors and creates a perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Every water feature is made of different stones. Notice how the stones used for creating waterfalls in gardens and patios are similar to stones used in specific streams and rivers.

Fountains are often made from unadorned stones and can be installed using basic materials. Streams and ponds can enhance landscape design and give it a new look.

Stones can be used in almost any kind of hardscape. We can include patios, pergolas, and firepits if you’d like us to.

We Can Help You Get the Desired Results

We will need to visit your outdoor space in order to provide you with a final estimate. This will include how the project will be carried out and all details. While we can provide an estimate based on some information, it is better to visit your outdoor space first. This assessment will be free and will allow us to provide a very close estimate of the final price.

If you have a well-defined landscape, we will be excited to see more of it. This is especially true if we are to work within the existing design or just add a new feature.

We will be happy to work with you if you send us a request. It doesn’t really matter what your situation might be. We just need to know the details regarding the project itself. This will answer many of your questions and provide enough information for us to design a project and help with it. Here are some reasons we do a short visit as well:

  • It shows us how much space we have and how to respond to it.
  • We need to determine if there are any additions or exceptions that could affect our results.
  • We will need to decide if you are able to use different designs.
  • We will assess your outdoor environment and determine if there are any issues.

Then, we will work closely with you to design the perfect stone cape and design for your outdoor space.